Sunday, 25 December 2011

Wedding Bliss!!

It was my brother's 1 month wedding anniversary on 22nd this month so i thought to myself --- Why not relive those special moments through the photos which just arrived!! :) He got married on 22nd November. It was just MAGICAL!!
Now i am not saying this because it was MY brother's marriage but because it was indeed, in real sense, BEAUTIFUL and MAGICAL.
I am the only child of my parents. My father's real sister also has only one son, so naturally, we are very close. :) He's my DHOLU brother, Hahaha!! LOL! That's what i call him. ;) For me, he's the BEST BROTHER in the world. Just super fabulous!!
Okay, so now for the photos ---
This one was taken before my brother officially GREW up! [ Haha! ] I mean, got married. :P I look cute in this one. Don't I?? Lol!!

This one is from their Engagement. My sister-in-law is the sweetest! Love her. :)

This one's after the engagement when i got a gift from my sister-in-law's mother. Believe me at the beginning of the ceremony i was looking really good but then you can see how tired i look! :P After all i am the bridegroom's one and only sister! :) Had loads of work to do. So got tired.. a little. :)

The reception was held before the marriage ceremonies or vows took place. Look at my brother! SO DAMN HAPPY!! :P And why not?? It's his day after all. :D What my sister-in-law wore is a designer lehenga!! Beautiful it was, with peacocks embroidered onto it! Simply amazing!

That's me! I was wearing a Ferozi colored designer lehenga. Here, there was this ritual that the bridegroom's sister had to perform. I am a Maharashtrian so i don't know much about the rituals that take place in the non- Maharashtian style weddings. My brother is a half Punjabi and half Marathi and my sister-in-law is also not a Maharashtrian otherwise the marriage would have taken place in the morning like it does in typical Maharashtrian style weddings.
I have so many more photos to share but these are my favorite ones. So this was a little sneak-peek into my brother's marriage and engagement ceremony. Hope you liked it!

P.S. --- Merry Christmas! I love Christmas and everything that goes into it! I enjoyed so much this Christmas. Got a wonderful chic and glamorous jacket from Vero Moda and a surprise box from --- Courtesy - My mum!! :) Hope you enjoyed too!! <3 HOHOHO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

'What it feels like when a thing dear to you gets stolen!!' -- :(

Frankly, in one word --- It feels like SHIT!!
I am saying this because on 30th November 2011 a thing that was dear to me got stolen. My Mobile Phone. For me it wasn't JUST a mobile phone, it was special and dear to me as it was a gift from my brother on graduating high school this year. It wasn't that old either... :( Just a few months old.
I am really ashamed when i think about such people who do things as petty and downmarket as this. And yes, according to me stealing is downmarket. Argh! When I, or the people i know see something in front of us that does not belong to us we don't even think twice before handing it over to the person to whom it belongs or to the authorities so that it reaches it's rightful owner. But sadly, people like that are rarer than i thought. I mean, seriously, the thief will not even get half of what the mobile was worth but still he will sell it off out of his own foolishness! Such kind of people never understand the true worth of things.
When i step out of my house, i.e, into what people call the OUTSIDE WORLD, i don't think about how unsafe the world is or how cruel or foolish the people outside are. My parents often say that we children live in a protective world of our own provided by our parents and friends. We think that everybody outside is just like us when in reality they are not even close to what we are.
To those foolish and insensible thieves out there - What you do is not just steal THINGS, you hurt the people to whom those things belong too. There is a wise saying that goes --- WHAT YOU GIVE IS WHAT YOU GET and from where i am standing it is clear that all you give is hurt and sadness. The day is not far away when you'll go through double the sadness that the people you negatively affect go through. And i truly wish you suffer, for it is because of people like you that the world is no more safe!! :X

A person is known for what he does in life and not what he looks like. The people who do wrong deeds are known for being wrong not for being right. You can lie to everyone else about the things you do but whenever you look in the mirror all you see is a person who not only is a liar but is wrong because you can lie to everyone else but you cannot lie to yourself. Ever. One should always remember this before doing anything wrong. Because if you don't, one day it really becomes difficult for you to be YOU!

Xoxo. <3<3
Surabhi. [ Butterfly ] :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My life.. Then and Now!!

I am sitting in my room eating a slice of delicious Double Cheese Margarita Pizza [ Courtesy -- Domino's] and thinking about how life changes so fast.. Well, it DOES change fast. I mean, i never imagined that i'll be taking a drop or something and that too for law!! :P  When i passed 10th standard with an excellent result, i knew that in my life i will definitely do something either in law or in medicine.. Medicine seemed a better option that time, so as a result i opted for Biology in my 11th Standard... Frankly, Biology is a subject which interests me like hell!!!  But the problem with me was that i disliked Physics and Chemistry and somewhere in my heart i always questioned myself.. Is this what i want? To be a Doctor??  I passed 12th with very good marks too and got good marks in all subjects except Physics and Chemistry..That's when i changed my mind about what i wanted to do..
There was this teacher in my school. She was my favorite teacher in school and i still adore her a lot!! She taught us English in 11th and 12th, and Social Studies in 10th!! God! I love that lady! She inspires me! She is also the Vice- Principal of my School. If there's a teacher who knows me well, that's her! She wanted me to go for law too. She even suggested it to my daddy!! :)
If i keep my sudden career change aside even i have changed as a person.. I was something very different than what i am now! I used to be this friendly girl who could easily get fooled by people. I was sort of an emotional fool! I was still very popular back then too! Lol!  I have always been part of the most popular people wherever i go! That's something that i love! Being popular i mean! I wonder what i would do if i wasn't popular at all. Now i am this girl who is hard to reach. I have limited amount of friends. Correction --- True Friends. And to be true, i am more happy that way. There are times when i do feel a bit lonely without any boyfriend as of NOW [LOL!] but i have developed patience as i DO NOT want to make any hasty decisions or wrong choices. I have committed some serious blunders when it comes to recognizing people for what they are not what they pretend to be. But it's a lot different now. I can actually tell the difference now. My life HAS changed a lot! But you know i am kind of happy with this kind of a change. In fact, i am very happy with the present me. Some people may think that i act like a bitch but that is because they deserve it! I don't behave the way i do just because i want to. I behave differently with different people depending on the vibes i get from them or depending on how they behave! Well, with everything said and written [in this case] i have drawn a conclusion.. With age and time everybody changes... Some accept the change some don't. I did. For my own good and i am actually benefiting from it! So people, if you think the change in you is for your own good then learn to embrace it. It helps a LOT! :)
Just like a flower embraces all the stages it goes through before becoming this eternal beauty, one should embrace changes one goes through throughout life.

Xoxo.  <3<3
Suabhi. [Butterfly] :)