Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My life.. Then and Now!!

I am sitting in my room eating a slice of delicious Double Cheese Margarita Pizza [ Courtesy -- Domino's] and thinking about how life changes so fast.. Well, it DOES change fast. I mean, i never imagined that i'll be taking a drop or something and that too for law!! :P  When i passed 10th standard with an excellent result, i knew that in my life i will definitely do something either in law or in medicine.. Medicine seemed a better option that time, so as a result i opted for Biology in my 11th Standard... Frankly, Biology is a subject which interests me like hell!!!  But the problem with me was that i disliked Physics and Chemistry and somewhere in my heart i always questioned myself.. Is this what i want? To be a Doctor??  I passed 12th with very good marks too and got good marks in all subjects except Physics and Chemistry..That's when i changed my mind about what i wanted to do..
There was this teacher in my school. She was my favorite teacher in school and i still adore her a lot!! She taught us English in 11th and 12th, and Social Studies in 10th!! God! I love that lady! She inspires me! She is also the Vice- Principal of my School. If there's a teacher who knows me well, that's her! She wanted me to go for law too. She even suggested it to my daddy!! :)
If i keep my sudden career change aside even i have changed as a person.. I was something very different than what i am now! I used to be this friendly girl who could easily get fooled by people. I was sort of an emotional fool! I was still very popular back then too! Lol!  I have always been part of the most popular people wherever i go! That's something that i love! Being popular i mean! I wonder what i would do if i wasn't popular at all. Now i am this girl who is hard to reach. I have limited amount of friends. Correction --- True Friends. And to be true, i am more happy that way. There are times when i do feel a bit lonely without any boyfriend as of NOW [LOL!] but i have developed patience as i DO NOT want to make any hasty decisions or wrong choices. I have committed some serious blunders when it comes to recognizing people for what they are not what they pretend to be. But it's a lot different now. I can actually tell the difference now. My life HAS changed a lot! But you know i am kind of happy with this kind of a change. In fact, i am very happy with the present me. Some people may think that i act like a bitch but that is because they deserve it! I don't behave the way i do just because i want to. I behave differently with different people depending on the vibes i get from them or depending on how they behave! Well, with everything said and written [in this case] i have drawn a conclusion.. With age and time everybody changes... Some accept the change some don't. I did. For my own good and i am actually benefiting from it! So people, if you think the change in you is for your own good then learn to embrace it. It helps a LOT! :)
Just like a flower embraces all the stages it goes through before becoming this eternal beauty, one should embrace changes one goes through throughout life.

Xoxo.  <3<3
Suabhi. [Butterfly] :)