Friday, 30 March 2012

My Mini-Giveaway and Liebster Blog Award!! :D

So here i am... with the Mini-Giveaway that i promised in my last post!! Firstly, thank you so so so much!! Thanks to all you readers i have reached 89 followers!! Loving it!! :)

Okay, so here is what i am offering ---
1>. NYX Round Lipstick in the shade Jupiter.
2>. A very cute slipper pendant with a chain.
3>. A tiny cute clutch.
4>. A Surprise Gift. ( A little surprise is always enjoyable right?? Don't worry, this surprise is something that EVERYONE loves) Keep Guessing. Lol!!

So here's what you have to do, to win this giveaway.
NOTE: All the rules listed below are MANDATORY.

1>. Be a GFC follower of my blog.
2>. Follow my blog on Facebook. HERE.
3>. Post about this giveaway on your blog sidebar linking it back to my page. Use the first picture.
4>. You will have to send me a post on anything you want on my email --- if it's something new.
If it's something you have already posted on your blog then just give me the link.
5>. Leave a comment below telling me your
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5 steps and you can win this fabulous giveaway!! :)

I wanted my giveaway to be a little different.. Hence, the fourth rule. The winner will be chosen by me on the basis of their creativity when it comes to the post. As i said, it can be about anything as long as it is creative and different. :) So hurry up and PARTICIPATE A.S.A.P. It's my first giveaway and i am very excited!! The giveaway ends on 20th May. 2012. :)
So that's that. Now coming on to the Liebster Blog <3 Award by the lovely Akanksha Chawla from Fictitious Fashion. Here are the rules:
* Link back to the person who so graciously bestowed the award.
Akanksha Chawla from FICTITIOUS FASHION * Nominate 5 others to receive this prestigious award.
1>. Namita from LIFE IS A FAIRYTALE
2>. Ms. Nyx from BAK BAK QUEEN
5>. Namita from VIVACIOUS FLAIR

* Lastly, post the award to your blog and spread the love.

Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]

P.S. --- Next giveaway will be hosted when i reach 150 followers!! :D Just so you know!! Lol!!! Do participate and abide by the rules people!! Love you all!!! :)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

WHY??? :(

Hello Dear Bloggers!! :) Okay, so this post is definitely NOT about female ranting... Rather, it is an honest question that i often ask myself whenever i read about atrocities against people, especially women, in the newspapers or on the television. Some days back, a fellow blogger, The Delhi Fashion Blogger, wrote a post which inspired me to write something similar to what she wrote! :)
We all know that in the recent weeks, the newspapers were littered with the news of rape incidents. The victims, sadly, also included girls not more that 16 or 18 years of age.
It will be absolutely excruciating for me to even imagine the pain and suffering that those girls went through and the scars on their hearts which will NEVER fade away with time... I often ponder as to what kind of people are we living with?? Our fellow human beings... What kind of a person can cause such harm and do such horrible things to a woman? How can he possibly live with himself after committing such a blunder? HOW?? AND WHY? :(
"All men are the same" --- We happen to hear this a LOT. In fact, when i am myself frustrated with someone who belongs to the opposite sex, even i think the same. I guess, reality is far different. When in fact -- All men are NOT the same. Some not only love their women and care about them, but also respect their individuality and their being. Such kind of men are what you call REAL MEN! Being chauvinistic and suppressing women is NOT AT ALL a proof of their manhood. Far from it.
It's not that it's always the women who suffer. Definitely not. Men also suffer. But comparatively, the women suffer more. After all, male fetuses are not killed after an amniocentesis [ A test to know the sex of the child ] It is mostly, the female gender who get harassed and raped.
Forget the rape incidents, we all know about BABY FALAK who was merely what?? Just 2 years old?? She was brutally battered and was on the verge of dying when she was brought to AIIMS. Doesn't this make you sick?? It surely makes me SICK! How can someone be so ruthless with a child? I know the 14-year old girl who is responsible for this barbarism was herself frustrated because she was entangled in the shackles of prostitution, but that frustration does not give her a right to almost kill an innocent gift from God. How can people be so inhuman? So much so for the Right to Equality. I am not saying that women are perfect and it's only the men who make women suffer. Sometimes it is the other way round too. I request you all not to be judgmental just because the tone of my post is a bit woman-centric. I am speaking for all the people who suffer irrespective of their gender.
Because i am a law enthusiast, i often read many case studies. The one that i want to mention is the Aruna Shanbaug Case. I am sure most of you are aware of what happened to Miss Shanbaug. Just because she filed a complaint against a fellow colleague in her hospital, she paid and is still paying a terrible price for it. She was not only raped, but sodomized, beaten up and hence, was left to be brain dead and cheated out of life. How barbaric. :X She was a beautiful nurse, who had her future planned out with a handsome doctor fiance by her side. Little did she know while planning it all, that she will NEVER EVER be able to live the life she wanted for herself. The scoundrel who was responsible for all of this was not even booked for rape!! I mean, seriously!!!
Such kind of incidents make you realize that the world we live in, comprises of SUCH sick people, who don't even deserve to be called people, but animals!

It saddens me whenever i hear of such incidents... It saddens me whenever i think about their pain and suffering... It saddens me that such things happen and such people exist amongst us. Moreover, it makes me wonder --- That could have been ME or as a matter of fact ANY ONE OF US!

I thank God that i have such a wonderful family and camaraderie beside me. But that still does not change my question ---- WHY??? :(

Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]

P.S. --- I am sorry for a late post. I was not well and was busy studying so could not come up with any post sooner. And also i am sorry for not publishing an OOTD post. Next time -- FOR SURE. As far as my mini-giveaway is concerned that i mentioned in my last post, the moment i reach 75 followers i will host a giveaway! Right now i have 65 followers. 10 more to go. :)