Thursday, 5 July 2012

I am BACK, I am going to COLLEGE and I am HAPPY!! :)

Hey People!!

Firstly, i am so sorry for going all MIA for the past 2-3 months. Actually, I had my entrance exams for various law colleges. I am happy to tell you all that my hard-work actually paid off and my year of sabbatical turned out to be a success indeed. I am so damn thrilled!! :) I got into a very reputed college - UPES, Dehradun where i am going to pursue BBA-LLB Hons. and for the the next 5 years Dehradun is going to be my home. Isn't it wonderful?? :D Yippee!!! I am going there tomorrow but i will still keep on Blogging -- ALWAYS and FOREVER. <3
I am finally entering my college life. I am like so excited!! LOL! :) Till now, I've always heard people talking about their college lives. Now at least, even I'll have something to tell everybody. Though, i am feeling a little sad about going far away from home for the first time... I will miss loving and fighting with my parents and friends, my grandpa, my home sweet home and of course, BHOPAL. But i guess, you've to learn to be independent and on your own some day. Better sooner than later. :)
Since we are talking about college, a very dear blogger friend of mine from the VERY FAMOUS FICTITIOUS FASHION finished college just a few weeks ago and she looked gorgeous in the photos she posted on her blog. She is also holding two fabulous giveaways on her blog. Check them out! Hurry!



Another Blogger friend of mine Namitha from LIFE IS A FAIRYTALE is also holding a smashing giveaway on her blog. Make sure to check it out too!!


Wish me luck for my future college endeavors. :) And I promise, I won't go MIA ever again. Even if i do, not for this long!! :D Until then...

Surabhi. <3


Life is a fairytale said...

Aaww so glad to have you back! :) Missed your chatter girl :D Congratulations on the college, you sure are a star! :) Welcome back sweetie <3
Namita <3

Namita said...

:D Congratulations butterfly :) :)
Happy for you :)
Enjoy your college life :)
BBA and Law good good :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Awwww.. Aren't you just the sweetest? :D :*
Congratulations hon.. I know you so deserved it <3 :) n woww. dehradun is such a beautiful place to live.. I know living away from parents is a nightmare.. it is for me too.. have never been away for more than a week and they cried! :(
n you're giving such short notice.. you're going tomorrow? and are you sure that you'd blog and come on fb.. You have to! :D

and Thank you so much for mentioning my blog's name.. that was out of love what you did..I know that :D Love youuuuu
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Soumi said...

Dehradun,really? That's like freakin' awesome! Always living around the picturesque locales! I'm so happy for you!:D

Ayush said...


Fictitious Fashion said...

Heyyy hon.. I hope you've settled there.. Talk soon :)

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Sabi Sunshine said...

Hi Dear

This is my first time at your blog. Came via Deepika and would like to be your blog friend

Priyal Mewara said...

HI ! you have a new fan here ! following you !
would appreciate if you like our page & follow us :)

Priyal Mewara said...

HI ! you have a new fan here ! following you !
would appreciate if you like our page & follow us :)

Misterio Vida said...

congrats..butterfly is back to you should get back to blogger as well :)

Fictitious Fashion said...