Thursday, 19 January 2012

And We Will Remain Best Friends Forever!! :)

On 16th January. 2012, it was my best friend's 18th birthday. ( She's 94 born but we were together in the same class in school. :P ) I call her Nimzi! We have been best friends since the end of 8th standard! Long time no? Time flies by quickly i guess. It seems just yesterday when we became friends in the school choir practices! And our journey together, since then, has been like Super-Duper Awesome and i hope it remains the same forever. [ I know it will ] Me and N, just can't survive without each other.
Anyways, so coming back to her birthday -- We had a blast together like always but this time it was special, maybe because we were meeting after a long time.. We went to Db City Mall ( Dainik Bhaskar Mall ) and ate our favorite Domino's Pizza and thrir oh-so-yummy garlic bread. Then we headed straight to Chocolate Factory and had pastries with extra hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Yummy!! And in between all the eating, we talked! A LOT! Lol! Typical us i guess!! :P
We clicked so many pictures but my camera broke before i could upload the pictures. So, instead of that, i am posting a picture of us from the year 2010 taken by another friend @ CCD. :)

Me and N --- Together Forever!! :)

I always say to her --- She is the sister God forgot to give me! :)) I absolutely love this picture!! So this was about me and my BFF! :)

Also i would like to tell all my readers about yet another smashing giveaway!

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I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed. I hope to win this one! :)

By the way, my next post will be about an OOTD most probably. If it's not then it'll be in the next to next post. Whatever the post number an OOTD post is coming soon. I think i am ready to venture into the world of Fashion Blogging. But my blog will not exclusively be about Fashion though, let me warn you beforehand. Lol! :P It is and will always be about everything that i like. And i LOVE fashion! SO yeah, you can expect some posts about it! :D Until next time stay tuned!! :)

Xoxo. :)
Surabhi. <3 [ Butterfly... :) ]

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Everything That Matters' 100th Post Giveaway!!

One Word --- Wow!! :) The fabulous blogger Jyoti from Everything That Matters is holding a Giveaway in honor of publishing 100 posts!! :) Please check it out! She is an awesome blogger and the goodies that await you will surely make you drool! And also because all the products are by AVON! We do know that AVON is just next to perfect! So please guys enter if you want to here..

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Surabhi. <3