Sunday, 5 February 2012

Giveaway Winner and My Parents' 21st Wedding Anniversary! :)

Hello my dear readers!! :)
I am like REALLY happy!! Can you believe i won two giveaways??? Yes, not ONE but TWO! :) I am so so so happy! After all, it's not everyday that you win 2 giveaways. ;) And that too amazing ones! :D For this immense happiness, i would like to thank Nikita from The Shopaholic Diaries and Akanksha from Fictitious Fashion! Love you both and your blogs. :))
This is not the only reason behind my happiness... :P The second reason is that on 27th January. 2012, we celebrated my parents' 21st Wedding Anniversary! :) It was so much fun! My cousin brother and my sister-in-law also came so the whole family was together this time. The entire last week was lovely. We went to this amazing Chinese Restaurant CHINATOWN and had yummy Chinese delights. I am going to go there again with my BFF soon so you can expect some pictures and a post on it in the near future. We also went to see AGNEEPATH --- A WOW movie guys. It has violence in it and that too a considerable amount of it so i am not quite sure whether everyone will like it or not. But I sure did! :) Everybody's performance is commendable and the CHIKNI CHAMELI song adds up to the fabulosity of this movie. Karan Johar and Karan Malhotra have done an amazing job. You know, in real sense, this is what a remake should be like. Not just a ditto copy of the original movie, but, with the same storyline --- something new. :) I LOVED it!

It was a fun-filled week for me! On my parents' anniversary we went to this lovely Italian Restaurant known as LA KUCHINA. They have some lovely Lebanese delicacies as well. In totality, i had a BLAST! I hope y'all had a fun week too. :)

OKAY! Now for the announcement -- I am going to host a Mini-Giveaway soon!! :) Yipee!!! And my next post will be an OOTD post. Wish me all the luck guys. Have a great week ahead. :) And yeah, before going i want to tell you guys about this amazing giveaway from Fashion and Cookies. It is an amazing giveaway with goodies from Romwe! :) Enter HERE!

Surabhi. [ Butterfly... :)]