Friday, 30 March 2012

My Mini-Giveaway and Liebster Blog Award!! :D

So here i am... with the Mini-Giveaway that i promised in my last post!! Firstly, thank you so so so much!! Thanks to all you readers i have reached 89 followers!! Loving it!! :)

Okay, so here is what i am offering ---
1>. NYX Round Lipstick in the shade Jupiter.
2>. A very cute slipper pendant with a chain.
3>. A tiny cute clutch.
4>. A Surprise Gift. ( A little surprise is always enjoyable right?? Don't worry, this surprise is something that EVERYONE loves) Keep Guessing. Lol!!

So here's what you have to do, to win this giveaway.
NOTE: All the rules listed below are MANDATORY.

1>. Be a GFC follower of my blog.
2>. Follow my blog on Facebook. HERE.
3>. Post about this giveaway on your blog sidebar linking it back to my page. Use the first picture.
4>. You will have to send me a post on anything you want on my email --- if it's something new.
If it's something you have already posted on your blog then just give me the link.
5>. Leave a comment below telling me your
GFC Name:
Facebook Name:
Blog Link:
Post Link [if it's something you have already posted on your blog.]:

5 steps and you can win this fabulous giveaway!! :)

I wanted my giveaway to be a little different.. Hence, the fourth rule. The winner will be chosen by me on the basis of their creativity when it comes to the post. As i said, it can be about anything as long as it is creative and different. :) So hurry up and PARTICIPATE A.S.A.P. It's my first giveaway and i am very excited!! The giveaway ends on 20th May. 2012. :)
So that's that. Now coming on to the Liebster Blog <3 Award by the lovely Akanksha Chawla from Fictitious Fashion. Here are the rules:
* Link back to the person who so graciously bestowed the award.
Akanksha Chawla from FICTITIOUS FASHION * Nominate 5 others to receive this prestigious award.
1>. Namita from LIFE IS A FAIRYTALE
2>. Ms. Nyx from BAK BAK QUEEN
5>. Namita from VIVACIOUS FLAIR

* Lastly, post the award to your blog and spread the love.

Surabhi. [Butterfly... :)]

P.S. --- Next giveaway will be hosted when i reach 150 followers!! :D Just so you know!! Lol!!! Do participate and abide by the rules people!! Love you all!!! :)


Adele said...

Congrats on your award!
Would love you to stop by my blog & check out my latest outfit post!
Have a fantastic weekend xoxo

Fictitious Fashion said...

Yippeeeee... Giveaway time :)
Firstly I'd like to ask.. what is it about the post? I didn't get it.. you have asked.. "what you want" I didn't get it :( Please tell asap.. I wanna participate asap :D Lovely pendant.. n lipstick n bag.. n I'm sure the surprise would be lovely too :)

N where are my answered questions? :( You didn't answer them :(

I have two contests going on


Blog Contest. The prize would be a Forever 21 necklace :)

Facebook Contest: The prize would be a Forever 21 set of 5 rings :)

Butterfly... :) said...

Adele --- Thank you!! :) Checking out your blog right away!! :D
You too have a fantastic weekend. <3
Thank you for commenting on my post.


Butterfly... :) said...

Fictitious Fashion --- Yipee!! Yeah Giveaway Time!! :P Finally!! And about the post -- Well, it's like you sending an entry for a contest best blog write-up kinda thing. :P Hehe!! It is totally based on your creativity. It can be about anything or everything. :) Outfit post, review post, random posts, anything!! :)

There were no questions for the liebster blog <3 award. In the next post will be posting about your special award and will answer your questions!! :)
About your contests.. The one on Facebook, will be participating today. The one on Blogger, will take some time. I'll have to think of something na!! :D
Hurry up!! Participate A.S.A.P!! :)

Thank you for commenting on my post.


Anonymous said...

Hey congrats on the award and a million thanks for sharing it with me *mwah mwah mwah* Lovin the giveaway! those things are super-duper cute!

PS Thanks for all those comments on my blog. It was a surprise and made me very happy. Nice to feel so loved <3

AGAM said...

Sounds like a super fun giveaway..all the best!!
P.S I hope you can locate me amongst your followers as 'Agam'
Letme know :) <3
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

GFC Name: Akanksha Chawla
Facebook Name: Akanksha chawla
Blog Link:
Post Link [if it's something you have already posted on your blog.]:

It was hard to choose between three.. But I chose something that we would look upon throughout our life :)

And so so so so so excited.. Fingers crossed.. Your rules were so simple... I like it :)

Menachérie said...

Congrats on your award! Sweet giveaways. I'm also hosting one right now for some great accessories if you'd like to check it out:

Arundhati said...

Nice.. congratulations!

And thank you once again very much for stopping by! :) Your words pleased me!

Unknown said...

Beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring ideas! Love your posts! Would you like to follow each other?

Floortje said...

I really love your blog!
Keep posting dear!!


Huda said...

Aww, this is such a lovely giveaway! Very nice of you to do this :)

Namita said...

Thankyou surabhi :) :D :D

Animesh said...

Congratulations friend on your award.

Animesh said...

Thanks a lot Butterfly.

AGAM said...

Congratulations for the award as well :)
(*ONCE AGAIN*)Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Please do visit me again :) For regular updates please LIKE TrimmingsAndLace on Facebook :)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Awwwwwwww.. your comments make me 'Awww' everytime :P
I love You <3 :D Thanks for all the lovely things u said.. I feel so lucky to have you as my friend :)
I hope your exams are going well.. I really wish that you score good marks and get selected in a good Law college.. ur studying law, right? Tell me if I'm wrong :)
And then, do visit my blog... and come online too so that we can chat :P

New Post is up- Zara, UCB and Kiehl's: A craze


Jen..The Butterfly Effect said...

I nominated you for an award! Do check!!! :)

Namitha Kashyap said...

Thank you for the award love :* You always make me smile :)
Here, enter me into this fabulous giveaway! :)
GFC Name: Life is a fairytale
Liked on FB as Namitha Kashyap
Posted on blog side bar:

Link of post:
Going by your way of writing, you are amazing at proving a point :) IMO, you should write more of this :)
Hope I win :D
All the best with your exams btw :)
Namita <3

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Nikita said...

Congratulations on winning of award:)
Great work!


The not so girly blog said...

you have a great blog! welcome us as ur new followers :)

do drop by our blog sometime, follow if u like what u see!
the blog is a virtual surprise for my bestie, id be glad if u could drop by your wishes!


Fictitious Fashion said...

Viviana nail lacquer's post: Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. You are back, my Love!! :* <3
I missed you.. LIke really.. Your comments.. Each of them MAKE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!! Like really! :D
I love you to the core for that line "Dude what are you? Perfection in the human form?" It made me laugh and say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so much :P
Thank you so much hon.. You are always always so 'genuine' in your thoughts :) You are an original copy! ;)

Fictitious Fashion said...

SImilar Difference- Hahahahaha.. Yea.. he is he is :P I don't use any professional cameras (though I'm looking for it) .. I use my mobile's 5mp- Samsung Galaxy fit! And you know what? The day was so beautiful.. I clicked those pictures in the morning and the lighting was excellent.. I always prefer day for taking pictures :D
And ahaaan! ;) Blogs are better than boyfriends ;) :*

Fictitious Fashion said...

Hot Pink Farewell- Heyyyyyy.. Thank you so much for such such such such accha sa comment :D :P
Blush Blush :D
and oh yes.. I forgot!!! I did wear indian outfits in my cousin's wedding too! :D heheh Thanks for the reminder babes! :) <3
hahahaha.. You know me well ;) I like that picture for that hahaha :P or him :P lol

P.S. today there is a giveaway on my blog.. I'll announce it in a few hours :) Be there! You came at the exact time of it..ahan ;) hahah


Fictitious Fashion said...

re: Thank you for your wonderful comment in my previous post <3

You are invited to Participate in my INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY


Namita said...

Surbhi butterflyyyy where are you these days girl ??
all well na ?

charu said...

nice blog.